Is a Furnace Tune Up Worth It?

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Furnace Inspection Houston

A furnace tune up is a relatively inexpensive part of Houston home maintenance that can end up having some notable benefits. Furnace tune ups involve an inspection, basic cleaning, and addressing any minor problems encountered. You should have your furnace tuned up each year before winter hits and doing so can have some notable benefits for your HVAC system including improved heat distribution, financial savings and peace of mind from safety concerns.

Avoiding Furnace Breakdowns

Many kinds of heating outages are caused by poor maintenance on your furnace. A furnace tune up can solve these problems and seriously reduce the risk of an outage. A heating outage is more important than simply being inconvenienced by cold in your home during the winter months; water pipes can freeze when your furnace is not working. These frozen pipes can burst and flood your home, thereby leading to major damage to your home. Although this is less of a problem in Houston and the surrounding areas, it still should be addressed. A furnace tune up can stop these problems from occurring and keep your heating system running in tip top condition.

Simple Fixes Can Extend Your Furnace’s Life and Extend Its Warranty

When you buy a furnace, certain parts of it are under warranty. Many furnace manufacturers will void that warranty if you don’t maintain it properly. Dust can be removed and motors that are being burnt out can be quickly replaced to avoid the furnace from becoming worn down and requiring replacement. Identifying problems quickly can expand the possible solutions to your problems and lead to better and cheaper solutions for the problems identified.

Increasing Your Furnace’s Efficiency

During a tune up of your furnace, different components of your furnace are oiled and properly lubricated, in addition to other processes. Air filters are changed. Thermostat settings are checked and reset to optimal levels. Your furnace may be cleaned out. The ultimate goal is keeping your furnace at approximately 95% efficiency throughout its life and a tune up can improve on your units efficiency and lower your heating costs as a result.

Safety Benefits From Furnace Tune Ups

Sometimes a tune up of your furnace you can expose serious problems that can be immediately addressed by tuning up the furnace. This can often be a connection from your gas line to your furnace being loose or a broken heat exchanger. You may even be subject to carbon monoxide leaks in your home if you don’t have regular furnace inspections. Most problems in your furnace can be found in a routine furnace inspection and tune up which includes several safety checks and you can sleep easier with the knowledge that the furnace is safe for the heating season.

A furnace tune up is a relatively minor procedure that can yield significant benefits. Have a professional Heating and Ventilation specialist visit your home and inspect your furnace during the fall before the busy winter season starts.

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